• Compliance Solutions

    Safety compliance services ensuring you are reducing your chances of OSHA violations.

  • Fire Extinguisher Service

    We will ensure your fire extinguishers are ready to go in the event they are needed.

  • HR Consulting

    Managing your most important assets by providing Human Resource solutions.

  • Safety Training

    Training your employees with knowledge to protect themselves in the workplace.

  • Safety Products

    We carry a full line of safety supplies to protect your workers from daily hazards.

Eagle Safety Management

Eagle Safety Management was established to help business owners in all industries comply with the ever-changing environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance requirements. In an effort to do so, Eagle Safety Management has focused on providing multiple services that are designed to ensure every client has a uniquely tailored compliance plan. With our dedicated safety services, we are committed to partnering with its clients through an unrelenting commitment to achieving superior employee performance and developing a culture of employee safety and well-being in the workplace. If you have been tasked with the responsibility of keeping employees safe on the job, we can help.

Safety Always

Companies that properly manage their employee’s safety and health are positioned to operate more efficiently. They experience increased worker retention, lower insurance rates, and a lower frequency of lost time, all of which improve their profitability. Safety compliance can be challenging particularly if your company does not have its own dedicated safety resources. Eagle Safety Management provides knowledgeable and reliable safety support you can trust to step in and, without delay, get to work keeping your most vital resources safe on the job without down time.

Eagle Safety Management

Our mission is to be your human capital safety partner at work, home, and play.
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