Commercial Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Service, and Sales

It’s not enough to have fire extinguishers on hand.  It is essential that you have the right fire extinguisher, check it periodically for service and inspections as well as understanding how to use it properly.  Portable fire extinguishers provide a first line of defense against fires still in the incipient stage.  Fire extinguishers should be readily accessible and fully functional for immediate use.  Since all fire extinguishers are not created equal, it is critical to have the proper size and agent when needed to minimize damage.  Properly serviced fire extinguishers operated by trained personnel save lives and prevent property damage.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and state fire code, fire extinguishers shall be maintained annually and inspected monthly.  Our licensed technicians will ensure that you have the right extinguisher for the hazard being protected and that the quantity and distance between them meet the code requirement.

All commercial businesses have fire extinguishers and Eagle Safety Management has a program designed to meet all requirements.  Portable units require annual maintenance and monthly inspections.  Many of our customers have us train their employees to perform the monthly quick check and we provide the annual maintenance, recharges, and testing, as necessary. 

A significant advantage of our fire extinguisher service is that our fire extinguisher service equipment is mobile.  With our mobile recharging van, we can complete all recharge maintenance on-site which eliminates the need to remove the fire extinguishers from the facility.  This ensures complete fire protection during the maintenance in addition to not having to provide a portable fire extinguisher loaner or leave behind units.  Our preventative maintenance (PM) program can ensure you are compliant and ready for any emergency.

We Provide Prompt and Reliable Commercial Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Repair, and Service

There’s nothing scarier than an unexpected fire and an inoperable fire extinguisher. Eagle Safety Management can service your fire extinguishers to ensure that they are ready. During an inspection, our technicians perform routine fire extinguisher tests that check how well your extinguisher would operate in an emergency situation.

Monthly Inspections – Visual check on portable fire extinguishers

Annual Inspections – NFPA 10 and your local jurisdiction require fire extinguisher inspections.

5-Year Inspections – Hydrostatic test on carbon dioxide and water-based extinguishers.

6-Year Inspections – The fire extinguisher is broken down and checked for damage. The “O” ring and gaskets are replaced and the extinguisher is recharged.

12-Year Inspections – Hydrostatic test on stored pressure and cartridge-operated extinguishers to test for defects. If the cylinder passes it is recharged and put back in service. (Required every 5 years for some units.)

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires annual fire extinguisher inspections to help ensure it will be operable in the event of a fire emergency. Along with annual inspections, you should consider monthly fire extinguisher inspections [link to our own blog that talks about this] that will help you notice if you need to schedule maintenance or repair!

Fire extinguishers often go untouched for months at a time. But that doesn’t mean they don’t encounter situations that cause bumps, dents, leaks, or rust. If your fire extinguisher exhibits any of these defects, it may be impaired! Call Eagle Safety Management for fire extinguisher service. We can assess the situation and offer repair or replacement services depending on the extremity of the situation.

During An Inspection, Eagle Safety Management’s Licensed Technicians Will:

  • Determine if the extinguisher is properly hung with the proper manufacturer’s hanger
  • Remove the extinguisher from its hanger
  • Check the gauge pressure
  • Check the condition of the gauge and its compatibility with the extinguisher
  • Check the date of manufacture, last hydrostatic test and six-year maintenance date
  • Check the valve and shell for damage or corrosion
  • Remove the hose and check the threads, inspect the hose for cracks or splits, and inspect the condition of the discharge nozzle
  • Check the valve opening for powder or any foreign material
  • Remove the extinguisher seal and locking pin and check the upper and lower handles 
  • Replace the locking pin and reseal the extinguisher
  • For dry extinguishers, fluff the powder by turning the extinguisher
  • Clean the extinguisher
  • Check the condition of the hose | horn retention banc at the side of the extinguisher
  • Check the extinguishers classification and operating instruction legibility and properly tag the extinguisher
  • Survey the hazard area to verify that the extinguisher classification corresponds with the hazard
  • Check that the extinguisher is visible and unobstructed
  • Replace the extinguisher on its hanger
  • Deliver a complete report of the inspection explaining any deficiencies and recommending corrective action in accordance with recognized codes for care and maintenance

Our Fire Extinguisher Sales service supplies major brands of fire extinguishers and offers them at low and affordable prices. Our extinguishers are manufactured for durability and to meet a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential uses. They are rechargeable and reusable.

Eagle Safety Management Fire Extinguisher Sales Service will include the following with your purchase:

  • Free certification with the purchase good for one year
  • Free delivery with quantity purchase within 50 miles from our office