Portable Monitors

A gas detector is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safety system.  Portable monitors, sensors, and detectors give you the freedom to monitor in different areas, without having to disconnect and reconnect wires.  They are ideal for personnel monitoring, and for areas where walk-through gas-checks are necessary.  These instruments are ideal for confined spaces, spot leak testing and mobile use.  Moreover, these portable gas detectors are marked by flexibility and quality.  A variety of single or multi-gas detectors are offered in compact, lightweight designs; from simple alarm-only units to fully configurable and serviceable instruments.

Eagle Safety Management offers a diverse range of industrial portable gas monitors for various industrial uses. Our range of instruments allows you to add important resources to the personal protective equipment (PPE) of employees and the workforce. This enables your company to ensure compliance, but most importantly, protect your biggest asset – your human capital.


BW Technologies by Honey Well

BW Technologies by Honeywell designs, manufactures, and makes gas detection instruments for worldwide use. For nearly 20 years, the company has dedicated itself to providing incredible and reliable atmospheric hazard safety solutions. With a commitment to high-quality and reliable products, the company consistently produces innovative and affordable products to meet industrial demands. From its roots in solar power gas detection to its acquisition by Honeywell International, Inc., BW Technologies has had a long and proud history of producing the world’s finest gas safety solutions.

Pioneers in the Industry

Beginning in 1987, the company began pioneering the world’s first solar-powered gas detection system, the Rig Rat. That technology propelled the company forward. By the early 1990s, BW Technologies began to infiltrate the fixed systems market. Capitalizing on their advanced technology and expertly driven innovative designs, the company ventured into portable gas detection by the mid-1990s. By 1998, the company grew by nearly 80% and had over 150 worldwide distribution centers. With a global support infrastructure, the company was able to bring its distribution to new heights. By the millennium, BW Technologies opened more than 600 distribution centers in more than 40 different countries. After being acquired by Honeywell in 2006, the company soared to unprecedented levels of success. Today, the company has over 900 distribution centers and is a world leader in low-maintenance gas detection systems.

Honeywell International, Inc.

With the acquisition of BW Technologies in 2006, Honeywell was able to expand its vast array of product offerings. Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company with a massive worldwide presence. The company is known for incorporating innovative design with cutting-edge technology. For nearly 125 years, Honeywell has paved its way in the fields of engineering and technology. Beginning with a simple yet innovative product in 1885, the company built upon its successes to become the global powerhouse that it is today. Honeywell International, Inc. has expanded its offerings and manufacturing capabilities by acquiring various companies that specialize in specific products of industries. By doing so, they have acquired an incredible base of experts and engineers that are specialists in their craft.

Main Product Offerings

BW Technologies by Honeywell is proud to offer a wide variety of gas detection and monitoring solutions that are designed to fit the needs of almost any industrial application. Each gas detector utilizes state of the art sensor technology to provide the most reliable and accurate readings on the market. Additionally, each sensor includes numerous user features that help to enhance the usability and functionality of the device. Their product offerings include

  • Gas Alert Extreme Single Gas Monitor
  • Gas Alert Max XT II
  • Gas Alert Micro Clip XT
  • Gas Alert Quattro
  • Gas Alert Micro 5 Multigas Monitor
  • Gas Alert Clip Extreme Single Gas Monitor
  • Gas Alert Micro 5 PID
  • Gas Alert Extreme
  • Micro Docks
  • Sampler Packs
  • Rig Rat II
  • And much more!

Gas Clip Technologies

Based in Texas, Gas Clip Technologies focuses its product offerings to portable gas detectors. The company takes pride in the reliability and simplicity of its products. Gas Clip Technologies produces some of the world’s finest low maintenance gas detection solutions. The company is led by experienced and reputable experts in the gas detection industry and has distribution centers all over the world. Gas Clip Technologies’ founding team of experts has over fifty years of experience in gas detection. Together, they have established Gas Clip Technologies as a world leader in low maintenance and customizable gas detectors. The company also has a small product offering with only 3 main products: Single Gas Clip, SGC Plus with Hibernate Mode, and the Clip Dock As technology and design advance, Gas Clip Technologies works to improve newer versions of their equipment.

Gas Clip Technologies Single Gas Clip

The Single Gas Clip is a disposable and maintenance free gas detector. It monitors H2S, CO, or O2. The latest model has several improvements over previous models. First, it has a larger battery, allowing for long life and brighter displays. Second, it allows users to see the present gas concentration levels on the screen. The newer version also allows users to adjust the alarm set points. The device will also tell users when it is time to initiate a bump test. Because various users and worksites have differing requirements and standards for bump test frequency, users can program the bump test date into the single gas clip. The clip will then automatically notify the user when it is time.

Single Gas Clip (SGC) Plus with Hibernate Mode

The brightly colored SGC Plus includes all of the standard features of the Single Gas Clip. The main difference with this product is that it includes a hibernate mode. This unit is available in CO or H2S detection capabilities. The hibernate model allows users to save the lifespan of the instrument when it is not in use. As an added safety measure, the hibernate model is not accessible in the field. The unit must be in a controlled setting in order to activate hibernation.

The Clip Dock

The Clip Dock is a portable docking station for Gas Clip Technologies gas detectors. The Clip Dock is highly portable and is encased in a durable plastic carrying case that is designed to withstand workplace abuse. The Clip Dock allows users to dock up to 4 detectors simultaneously. The docking station performs bump tests and calibration easily in the field.