At Eagle Safety Management, our belief is that safety ultimately comes down to ATTITUDE.  With a positive attitude, proactive observations, and dedication to the operation a ‘Safety Always’ work culture can be achieved.  Our goal is to provide services to assist clients in complying with complex regulations at the Federal, State, and Local levels. We provide expertise, knowledge, and results; thereby allowing facilities to do their part in protecting, enhancing, and empowering their human capital.

Eagle Safety Management Management’s top 3 priorities are to responsively meet customer’s needs, provide professional development at all levels, and solve problems.  With the understanding that every facility is unique, we strive to understand each client’s business goals in order to provide appropriate recommendations and safety solutions. We partner with clients to explore options to minimize regulatory liability and pursue continual improvement activities to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize operational downtime.

In addition, we understand that all elements of sustainability [Economics, Environment, Social] must work in harmony with compliance efforts.  As a result, we apply a comprehensive approach to ensure continuous compliance and to provide cost-effective solutions to manage ongoing initiatives.