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Prequalification | Account Maintenance | Safety Programs, Policies, and Training

We are equipped to manage all aspects of the prequalification process.

How Do We Help with Compliance?

From start to finish, we act as your Account Compliance Officer, working the prequalification process on the client’s behalf. We develop and\or collect, verify and upload documentation, work directly with your insurance provider to ensure accuracy of certificates of insurance (COI), complete questionnaires, and upload them all to the database.

Eagle Safety Management has expert knowledge of the compliance platforms and understands what is required for successful qualification. If we find gaps in your safety program, we can develop custom policies that you need. Once qualified in the system, we help you stay there by regularly monitoring, maintaining and communicating to the client about the account.

We understand to achieve compliance can be a strain for any size business. That is why we can help your business achieve compliance with all your clients with our processes. Here is how you can start and what you can expect:

The first step is getting in contact with us by phone or email. You can expect for us to give you a call within 24 hours.  We will then gather some more information from you.

The next step is to understand where you are at in the process.  Whether you already have an account or are needing to start one.  We can help you wherever you are at in the process. If you have an account, we may do an assessment with you on your account to know exactly what is being required so we can provide the best quote for your company on our service

Once you receive your quote let us know any questions you have or if you need further discussion or our services.  When you are ready to get started you just need to let us know.

Your account manager will work to complete data collection, questionnaires and documentation, and coordinate the build of safety materials.  Additionally, your account manager will analyze and present a complete review of your account, and work with you to address any outstanding issues.

We will actively monitor your account and respond to any changes in requirements, maintaining compliance.  We will report on the condition of the account on a weekly basis highlighting milestones every 30, 60, and 90 days.

What’s Included?

Complete Prequalification

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    Write and upload complete company-specific safety manuals to meet owner-clients and auditor requirements

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    Receive assessment of your current training, provide required training documents and upload all required materials

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    Eliminate discrepancies and upload all insurance and statistical documents required by your customers

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    Provide digital copy of all materials and certificates

Custom Safety Manuals & Training

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    Write individual, specific, and customized chapters

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    Upload required chapters to your account

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    Deliver both hardbound manual and digital copies

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    Custom safety training programs can be built and provided by Eagle Safety Management 

Account Maintenance

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    Scheduled review and monitoring of your account

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    Complete all required quarterly updates

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    Write and upload all new and revised chapters

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    Upload all required updated documentation including Insurance | Experience Modification Letters and OSHA Logs

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    Provide weekly reports to the client that outlines all actions taken and upcoming key milestones

Environment, Health, and Safety Audits

When it comes to delivering an audit, quality is Eagle Safety Management Management’s top priority. Eagle Safety Management is committed to continuously identifying and implementing innovative approaches and tools to help deliver and enhance a quality audit. There is growing recognition among organizations of all types that environmental, health, and safety (EHS) challenges represent genuine business enterprise risks. Our Performance & Risk Management team assists clients in addressing EHS challenges from various perspectives – strategic planning, program evaluation, and systems development. Our expertise provides value to clients in characterizing enterprise-wide EHS impacts, addressing stakeholder expectations, managing EHS-related risks and opportunities, and improving EHS performance.

EHS Auditing Services

EHS programs are often challenged by a confounding regulatory maze and restricted corporate budgets that hinder your progress in the market. Our EHS professionals help you overcome these obstacles by aligning sound planning with your overall business programs focused on improving your competitive edge in the market while integrating compliance with process upgrades.

Regulatory Compliance Auditing

Auditing systems to evaluate compliance with regulations is especially important because of potential enforcement issues. Eagle Safety Management developed a protocol for compliance audits and assesses site performance related to EPA and OSHA regulations, including state and local requirements. Our audit team is experienced in conducting regulatory compliance audits for the following programs:

  • Environmental
  • Air quality permitting and regulatory compliance
  • Solid waste
  • Water
  • Emergency preparedness (SPCC, FRP, and FSP)
  • Risk Management Plans and Accidental Release Prevention
  • Hazardous Materials Reporting (Tier 2, TRI)
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • OSHA general industry standards
  • Process safety management
  • Permit-required confined space programs
  • Control of hazardous energy (LOTO) programs
  • Respiratory protection programs
  • Hearing conservation programs

During a compliance audit, Eagle Safety Management reviews all relevant policies and programs, including applications, permits, plot plans, construction history, emissions calculations, monitoring information, regulatory reports, process flow diagrams, and operational data. We visit the site to ensure that all EHS areas have been identified.

Our next step is to perform a regulatory applicability analysis to identify all federal, state, and local requirements for each EHS area. Based on this information, we determine program-by-program and suggest corrective actions, classifying non-compliance findings based on severity and recommending best management practices. This allows our clients to make informed decisions on how to address compliance issues. The result is a complete picture of all regulatory requirements, a plan to attain and maintain compliance, and a basis for establishing an annual compliance audit plan.

Organization EHS Audits

Internal audits are structured to assess a company’s performance against its own standards. These standards may exceed regulatory requirements and encompass industry best practices. Eagle Safety Management can either use their developed protocol or use an existing organization protocol, and the audit can be performed by Eagle Safety Management’s team or a team that combines Eagle Safety Management and client personnel.

Who Needs Auditing Services?

The management of any organization requires a watchful eye to ensure regulations and procedures are followed and the intent of management is met. By conducting audits, companies can be assured that prescribed EHS procedures are properly performed. It is an approach that makes good business sense. The lack of proper oversight can adversely impact not only local communities but also the health and well-being of your human capital. In addition, regulatory fines, increased costs, a poor reputation, and low employee morale can result.