ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, and Avetta® Assistance

Third-party organizations, such as ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, Avetta®, and others verify contractors as compliant and safe prior to working. The verification process is involved and often complex, and includes detailed online account set-up and written manual requirements.

We can assist your company with all compliance companies such as ISNetworld®, Avetta®, and PEC. We offer fully customized safety program creation and ISNetworld® account assistance.

We will set you up with a monthly management service. Eagle Safety will take the management of your ISNetworld® or Avetta® account off your desk and fully manage it to ensure you are always in compliance and don’t miss out on valuable bids.

OSHA and Safety Compliance Needs

Our programs ensure you never have to worry about managing your account due to new requirements or quarterly updates.

  • Extensive Knowledge of Providers & Process

    We have an in-depth knowledge of operator requirements and will ensure we get your company set up and in compliance with any operator you are seeking to work for.

  • New Account Set-Up with Providers

    We can assist in getting your ISNetworld, PEC or Avetta account all set-up and in compliance to expedite getting you out on the job.

  • Written Manual Specific to Your Company

    We will customize a safety manual for your company depending on the jobs and tasks your company is performing.

  • Manual Account Detail Submission

    Once your safety manual is complete we will get it submitted to ISNetworld, PEC or Avetta to ensure account completion.

  • Ongoing Account & Manual Maintenance

    Once we complete your ISNetworld, PEC or Avetta count we can set you up on a monthly management service to ensure your account stays in compliance and you don’t have issues with your scores. This basically takes the management of ISNetworld, PEC or Avetta off your desk and puts it on ours.