We’re The Fire Protection Service Company Abilene Businesses Trust.

The professionals at Eagle Safety Management, a complete portable fire extinguisher and fixed extinguisher system supplier in Abilene, have been successful at helping businesses protect their employees and assets. Our team consists of experienced, passionate, and professional Fire Extinguisher licensed technicians. We have proven our value to Abilene businesses in a variety of industries earning a 95% customer retention rate over the years.


We’ve gained our clients’ trust by improving the life safety compliance of their business. We deliver expert and insightful fire protection services customized to their needs, at an affordable cost. Additionally, we provide dedicated certified technicians that can install, inspect, and maintain your fire protection systems and products.


Not sure if your business is fully compliant with the local fire department codes and standards? Avoid having potential violations and costly fines by downloading our FREE Fire marshal Inspection Checklist, just click below!

More Than A Fire Protection Equipment Supplier

As one of the leading fire protection companies in Abilene, Eagle Safety Management offers fire protection services throughout Abilene and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of fire protection service solutions for all businesses of all sizes. We are a certified supplier for most major manufacturers in the fire protection industry including Buckeye Fire Equipment, Badger Fire Protection, and Kidde Fire Safety Products. View all of our products.


Fire Protection Service Inspections with Full Compliance Report

We have partnered with Inspect Point Software to provide our clients with the most complete compliance report. Our reports provide accurate and comprehensive inspections that are fully documented in regulatory standards. These are compliance reports Abilene businesses can count on and local fire marshals recognize as a complete compliance reports.


Abilene Certified Technicians with Experience Where it Counts

Our certified technicians and knowledgeable sales staff can install, inspect, and maintain your fire protection systems and products. We are committed to providing complete portable fire protection solutions that don’t just protect buildings but protect lives too.

Fire Protection Services We Offer To Abilene Businesses

What Our Clients Say

Very professional service. He came in, got the job done, and was completed before I knew it! Highly would recommend and will be using their services again!

Eagle Safety Management performed a fire safety inspection for me AND took care of the necessary repairs to keep my client in compliance. They did this quickly and efficiently! The correspondence throughout the whole process was fantastic. I was ALWAYS in the loop! I HIGHLY recommend this company for your fire safety needs!!! I know…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone service a fire extinguisher?

No. Although monthly inspections can be done in-house, it is prudent to have someone who is familiar with fire extinguishers to perform the service. In the state of Texas, an individual with an FEL-A, FEL-K, or FEL-B license is permitted to install, certify, or service any portable fire extinguishers.

What are fire protection systems?

A fire protection system reduces damage to expensive equipment, documents, and inventory while keeping building occupants safe. Fire protection systems include fire suppression, sprinklers, smoke detectors, and other fire protection equipment that works in tandem to protect against fire.

What standard does fire protection fall under?

OSHA standard 1910.39(link to the osha site) deals with fire prevention and protection. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) also has several fire safety regulations and standards to maintain safe conditions in the workplace.

Why is fire protection important?

Fire safety reduces the risk of injury and building damage that fires can cause. Developing and implementing fire safety protocols in the workplace is not only required by law but it is crucial to everyone’s safety that may be in the building during a fire emergency.

What service is performed on a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers have different service requirements based on the extinguisher’s birthdate. Every year an annual inspection must be performed, every 6 years an internal inspection must be performed, every 12 years a hydrostatic test must be performed. All these service maintenance items are conducted by licensed professionals like Eagle Safety Management.

What happens when my fire extinguisher is out of compliance?

An undercharged, expired, or depressurized portable fire extinguisher endangers your personnel’s lives and surrounding property during a fire. Moreover, a fire extinguisher that is out of compliance can result in violations, fines, or citations.

We Have Something Other Abilene Fire Protection Service Companies Don’t

Eagle Safety Management is a Professional Fire Protection Inspection and Certification Testing Company in Abilene conducting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-10) compliant Inspection Services enforced by the Texas State Fire Marshal to Inspect, Recharge, Test, Maintain and Certify Commercial Portable Fire Extinguishers. We are experts in NFPA-10 annual fire extinguisher inspection certification, 6 year teardown maintenance, and 12 year hydrostatic testing and certification services which help keep business owners fire code compliant.

When you’re looking for a company in Abilene that can provide the best fire protection in your business, there are many factors to consider.  Your properties have their own layout, specific equipment that’s geared toward your operation, and their own maintenance and service needs.  It’s imperative you know what to look for when evaluating the top fire protection companies and fire protection contractors.

That’s why you need one reputable and experienced commercial fire safety company to focus on your custom fire protection, maintenance, repair, and inspection services.  We deliver the most effective solutions at the most efficient value and don’t interfere with daily operations.

Our Fire Protection Service Advantage

Eagle Safety provides has the capability to conduct regular maintenance, refilling, recharging, compliance inspections, and fire extinguisher certification testing services on-site with our mobile recharge service vehicle. Our highly-trained technicians are experts in conducting professional NFPA-10 annual inspections and 6-year teardown maintenance in the field.

All extinguishers are required to be inspected by a Licensed Professional on an annual basis to ensure the equipment is functional and in compliance with code regulations.

Fire Protection Equipment Supplier

Eagle Safety is a certified distributor of Buckeye Fire Equipment. We provide cost-effective options to business owners in Abilene on all portable fire extinguishers and kitchen mister restaurant suppression systems. Additionally, we are a certified distributor of Badger Fire to provide alternative options and solutions in portable fire extinguishers as well as fire suppression systems. Finally, we are a certified distributor of Kidde products. Through our partnership with Kidde, we offer the most cost-effective options of portable fire extinguishers, smart alarms, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms.

Live Fire Extinguisher Training Courses

We provide onsite and live fire demonstration portable fire extinguisher equipment training courses in Abilene and the Big Country. This is customizable to the unique requirements of your business and fire extinguisher equipment. Our onsite live-fire demonstration and hands-on fire extinguisher training are designed to prepare your staff to effectively and properly use your fire extinguisher equipment.