How Do You Address Training Challenges Today – While Preparing For Tomorrow’s Needs?

Safety starts with your employees’ attitude. No safety plan is complete without a proactive training program. Educate and engage your employees with Eagle Safety Management’s EYE (Empower Your Employee) training solutions that will help you drive safety, quality, and productivity. Eagle Safety Management’s training, reinforcement, and compliance solutions create a continuous learning environment to ensure employees make the right decisions every day. Our approach to learning removes budgetary and cultural constraints that traditionally block an organization’s learning objectives.

Our blended learning combination may include: Instructor-led training (ILT), webinar-based training, performance support tools, job aids, and on-the-job training. For many skills there is no substitute for personal mentoring, high-quality demonstrations, and live interaction. We focus the ILT on those learning elements that will benefit most from direct and personal instruction. We will customize the right blend of instructor-led, digital, and other solutions to develop the proficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance of a workforce. Not only will we manage the overall mix, but we also follow through to monitor the quality of delivery and the ongoing use of resources, to ensure continued learning delivery of the highest quality.

Compliance Solutions

Keeping up with safety and compliance requirements allows a business the freedom to operate – non compliant organizations can face severe penalties and even risk shut down. With hundreds of regulatory compliance laws affecting every industry, keeping employees compliant is an ongoing challenge that can be hard to solve.

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