Workover Rig Inspection Program

Eagle Safety Management Managements workover rig inspection program is designed to optimize your safety on location while your team continues with its operation. This program designates an Eagle representative to manage and maintain the inventory levels and safety compliant items at the workover rig location. We offer fire extinguisher, first aid kits, SCBA inspections as well as Portable H2S monitor bump tests, fixed H2S monitor calibrations, doghouse and fleet disinfection, and protection. This is all to help you keep your business compliant and your employees safe, saving you time, and reducing costs. Let us manage your workover rig inspections so that you can efficiently run your business.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Recharge

Eagle Safety’s workover rig technician will ensure your portable fire extinguishers are maintained and inspected. Portable fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against small fires in most workover rig locations. Fire extinguishers should be readily accessible and fully functional for immediate use. Since all fire extinguishers are not created equal, it is vital to have the proper size and agent when needed to minimize damage. Properly maintained fire extinguishers operated by trained personnel save lives and prevent property damage.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and state fire code, fire extinguishers shall be maintained annually and inspected monthly. Our licensed technicians will ensure that you have the right extinguisher for the hazard being protected and that the quantity and distance between them meet the code requirement.

A significant advantage of our fire extinguisher service is that our fire extinguisher service equipment is mobile. With our mobile recharging van, we can complete all recharge maintenance on-site which mitigates the need to remove the fire extinguishers from the workover rig location. This ensures complete fire protection during the maintenance in addition to not having to provide a portable fire extinguisher loaner or leave behind units. Our preventative maintenance (PM) program can ensure you are compliant and ready for any emergency.

First Aid Kits Inspections and Inventory Management

Eagle Safety’s workover rig technician will ensure your first aid cabinets are in -stock and up to date. The first-aid service program helps keep you in ANSI and OSHA compliance. We are on-site when you need us, providing industry-leading products and services you choose. Our trained workover rig professionals deliver and stock your first aid supplies.

Items that we will restock (not limited to):

  • Bandages
  • Antibiotics
  • Ointments
  • Sprays
  • Tape and wraps
  • Dressings

Eyewash Stations and Inventory Management

Take the worry and hassle out of your eyewash stations. Keep your eyewash station ANSI-compliant with Eagle Safety’s workover rig eyewash station inspection. Ensure that your eyewash station is properly cleaned and serviced with the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated service professionals.

SCBA Inspections and Refill

Eagle Safety’s workover rig technician will ensure your SCBA’s are cleaned, inspected, and properly charged. SCBA units are inspected to ensure valves, regulators, harnesses, and face masks are all in good operating condition and are clean and ready for use at each workover rig location.

Cylinders are inspected to ensure they are within hydro test date, properly charged, and free from damage and | or corrosion. When necessary, repairs are attended accordingly, as well as cylinder hydro testing and recharge.

A significant advantage of our SCBA inspection and maintenance service is that our equipment is mobile. With our mobile recharging van, we can complete all recharge services on-site which mitigate the need to remove the SCBA’s from the workover rig location. This ensures complete respiratory protection during the inspection process in addition to not having to provide leave behind units. Our preventative maintenance (PM) program can ensure you are compliant and ready for any emergency.

Portable H2S Monitor Bump Tests

Eagle Safety’s workover rig technician will ensure your portable H2S monitor is bump tested and working properly. The use of portable gas detection devices helps ensure a workplace free from recognized hazards by providing employees working in potentially harmful environments the means to monitor their air quality. Harmful environments may include those with high levels of toxic or combustible gases or oxygen-deficient or enriched air. Many of these conditions cannot be detected by smell or sight and therefore require instrumental monitoring to view their levels.

A bump test, also knows as a functional test should be performed periodically. Most oil & gas operators require them monthly. This procedure tests the alarms and sensors of a gas detector to be sure they are functional. The test exposes the detector to a know concentration of gases that exceed the lowest alarm set-point for the sensor. The bump test verifies the sensor and alarm functionality, but not the accuracy of the instrument. Our bump testing program can ensure you are compliant and ready for any respiratory toxic gas emergency.

Fixed H2S Monitor Calibrations and Corrective Maintenance

Eagle Safety’s workover rig technician will ensure your fixed H2S monitor is calibrated and working properly. Calibration is defined by OSHA bulletin SHIB 09-30-2013 as ‘an instrument’s measuring accuracy relative to a know concentration of gas. Direct reading portable gas monitors compare the sensor’s response to a know concentration of the test gas’. The bulletin stresses that direct-reading portable gas monitors that are properly calibrated can minimize the risk of injury, illness, or death from respiratory hazards such as oxygen deficiency or combustible or toxic gases.

An instrument’s sensors will degrade over time and repeated use. The calibration process allows the instrument the opportunity to self-correct and to reflect the set level of sensor sensitivity. Once a sensor is no longer able to accurately read set values, it has reached the end of its service life and will need to be replaced. Also, any time the detector is dropped or damaged it should be recalibrated. Our monitor calibration and corrective maintenance program can ensure you are compliant and ready for any respiratory toxic gas emergency.

Fleet Sanitation and Protection Services

In a crucial situation such as COVID-19 exposure, you need professionals who know how to properly sanitize, disinfect, and protect your workover rig location. Eagle Safety understands the delicate nature of managing a decontamination project when a work location is exposed and will work with you to make sure all aspects of your project are handled with the utmost professionalism.

If your workover rig location has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 coronavirus, Eagle Safety has established protocols to provide the most effective sanitation available. In addition, we have a clear project communication plan to keep all stakeholders updated each step of the way. We understand that often the impact of exposure to a virus such as COVID-19 goes beyond the workover rig location itself and affects the morale of personnel, customers, residents, students, and even the general public. Having an effective decontamination plan completed by leading experts in the field of clean up and remediation is critical.

Disinfection Helps To Prevent The Spread

Although many companies thoroughly ‘clean’ the worksites, they rarely effectively disinfect them. Viruses and bacteria are thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. However, what is often overlooked is the possibility of contracting it through contact with a contaminated surface. When someone touches a surface or object contaminated with the pathogen that causes COVID-19 and then touches their own eyes, nose, or mouth, they may expose themselves to it. The virus can be detectable on surfaces like plastic and stainless steel for two to three days, making the spread even more likely. Therefore, virus prevention through disinfection is such a vital part of preparing your business to open its doors back up to the public.

Fogger Application

Eagle Safety uses disinfectant foggers in both our sanitation and protection services. There are several reasons this is a better application method over standard pump sprayers other companies typically use. First, foggers are faster than standard pump sprayers. A trained technician can disinfect approximately 15,000 square feet using a fogger. On average, this is 10X faster than a standard pump sprayer. Second, the fogging system reduces the particles to a much smaller size which helps provide better coverage and more even distribution of the chemical disinfectant. Lastly, since the particle size is smaller, there may be less of an impact on materials that are sensitive to moisture such as paper or fabric.